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About Our Sports Card Buying & Selling Business

It’s not just a hobby anymore. Our love of sports cards started similar to that of any other young kid, idolizing the iconic sports figures of our time. Quickly, that interest grew into a decent collection paired with a strong passion. If you too share this passion, take a look at our inventory to see if we have what you’ve been looking for. We are also interested in buying the cards you no longer want or need.

Meet Our Sports Fanatic

Mark Kelly

iKARDS originated from a love of all things sports and a childhood enthusiasm that never quit. Like every other sports enthusiast, we vividly remember the nostalgia of a freshly opened pack of baseball cards and the thrill of adding our favorite players’ stats to our ever-growing collection of sports cards. It is this passion that drives us to keep sports card collecting going strong.

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We don’t use a third-party resource to buy and sell with our customers. When you work with us you can count on a direct and secure transaction every time.

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